Don’t Make These Mistakes When Decorating With Tulle Fabric

Tulle is the ideal fabric for adding a touch of softness and color to any party or event. It can look like an extremely fine and soft mesh, or it can have a lace-like look. There is even glitter tulle fabric that is perfect for adding dazzle and shimmer to any table, ceiling or wall swag or design.

Tulle is used for decorating for several reasons. The polyester is a low-cost fabric, but it offers some amazing opportunities for creating drapes, swags and even canopies for beautiful decorating. With its lightweight and bright to subtle colors combined with the opportunity for dazzle or lace, it can work into any theme or event style.

When using tulle fabric for any decorating, there are a few mistakes that should be avoided. Knowing what not to do is often as important as knowing what you want to accomplish with this fabric.

Too Much

While tulle fabric is lightweight, it can look heavy, bulky and chunky if it is used in too many layers. Rather than thick gatherings and drapes of tulle look for single layers that gather and become thicker at the fastener points. This gives a natural color change in the tulle that adds to the style.

Too Close to Candles

When using tulle as a drape or swag on a head table to behind the head table, be careful as to the placement of the fabric in relationship to any candles on tables, in candelabras in other decorating elements. This fabric will move around in a breeze so make sure it is secured in place to avoid this problem.

Lack of Support

Using table cloth clips to hold tulle in place or staples to hold ceiling swathes in place is important. Don’t skimp on the support for the tulle as it can be easily pulled off by people walking by or the weight of the fabric itself. Avoid using tape or simply pins, particularly if the tulle is the slightly heavier lace variety.


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