Dentists in Beaver Dam, WI: Crowns in One Visit with CEREC

It’s quite possible that you have had dentists help you in the past when you have damaged a tooth or decay over time has taken its toll. Maybe you visited your dental professional and they decided it was time for a crown. Chances are that the procedure at the time was quite different from the techniques used today.

One Day

Developments in the field have changed the way this process is completed. One of the significant differences involves the amount of time it takes to return your teeth to good condition. In the past, crowns required several visits to the office with diagnosis, measurements, etc. Today, one visit and one day will take care of the procedure, giving you one more reason not to avoid getting those teeth fixed.

The new technology, called CEREC, can give you permanent ceramic crowns, onlay, or veneer with just one visit to dentists in Beaver Dam, WI. The term “CEREC” is short for ceramic reconstruction, a breakthrough technology available only in the past three decades. Dentists in the leading practices can replace older metallic restorations, giving you a healthy alternative to the previous restorations.


With CEREC, the material bonds to your tooth, making it much stronger and enhancing your oral health.  You can have single-tooth restoration or multiple-tooth restoration in one office visit.

For current patients who may be interested in this or other procedures, or for new patients, visiting the website is the best way to begin working with these top dental experts. Take the next step by calling to talk to a representative about your needs. He or she will explain financing options and work with your insurance company to get the coverage you deserve.


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