Expanding the awareness of your brand is cheap and easy using custom promotional products in Orange County. Handing out gifts during business meetings or tradeshows is like handing away little advertisements that will potentially last a long time. Internet marketing is one of the most powerful advertising methods these days, but it does not have the same charm as free promotional gifts.

Promotional Pens

Pens are one of the items that are frequently left behind and forgotten. Handing out your branded pen to those who need it not only causes positive energy, but also a little advertisement that will be in the corner of many people’s eyes. Pens may be bought in bulk from an office supplier that sells promotional products in Orange County.

Business Cards

Having a business card ready to hand to a potential client is one of the most powerful forms of customer retention. Get creative with it by adding social media links, QR codes, fancy logos, and perhaps even coupon codes. Business cards are extremely cheap if produced in bulk by a supplier that sells promotional products in Orange County.

Water Bottles

Water bottles that are labeled with your logo are a cheap and long lasting method to get your company name out there. With reusable water bottles, they may be passed down to other people, meaning your exposure multiplies. People drinking water bottles around others will also expose your brand to even more eyes.

The above are just a few examples of effective promotional products that you can hand out to potential customers. It is a low-cost investment to spread advertising in your local area. Advertising using items that are functional in people’s daily lives only helps to spread positive energy about your company.

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