Burial vs. Cremation Cost in Cypress TX

The emotional effects of losing a loved one can be worsened by the cost of arranging a funeral. A local funeral home believes in informing clients of the cremation cost in Cypress tx beforehand, and they draw on their experience to offer the below comparison of burial and cremation costs.

Pre-Funeral Planning

A burial service consists of embalming the body and getting it ready for viewing, as well as housing the body before the service. By comparison, cremation requires no embalming and it can be even more cost-efficient if the family forgoes the viewing. The cost of cremation is substantially lower than that involved in arranging burial services.


If a family opts to bury their loved one, they need to buy a casket and a grave marker. According to cemetery rules, the family may also have to buy a grave liner or vault to protect the casket. Conversely, Texas law doesn’t require families to buy an urn if they opt for cremation. However, the funeral home may recommend the purchase of an urn if the family wants to have a memorial service and inter the remains at a cemetery.

The Funeral Process

Burials require the purchase of a cemetery plot along with paying for grave opening and closing. Additionally, carrying the deceased’s casket to the gravesite requires the arrangement of a mode of transportation. Families should consider gravesite maintenance when forming a burial budget. Where the cremation cost in Cypress tx is concerned, the expense depends mainly on the urn and the interment method chosen. Families who aren’t sure about the process can talk to a representative at a local funeral home for help and advice.

Call a Local Provider for Advice

The death of a loved one is a trying time for any family, and the cost of burial can make a difficult time even worse. However, there are ways to save while celebrating the person’s life in a meaningful way. Learning about the costs of cremation and burial can help an undecided family determine which type of funeral services best meet their budget. For additional information on both of these options, call a local funeral home to schedule a consultation.


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