Benefit of Getting a Root Canal in Honolulu

Cavities are the biggest cause of tooth loss in people of all ages. They are caused by a combination of poor dental hygiene and ignorance when it comes to seeking the help of a dentist to aid in dealing with dental health complications. If you have developed cavities and want to salvage your teeth, it is possible to have a root canal in Honolulu performed. Here is what you need to know about the process.

A root canal can be performed to teeth that are either fractured or have cavities. For a patient to qualify for a root canal, their cavities must have reached the pulp cavity. When a cavity reaches the pulp cavity, the nerves of the tooth, and the surrounding tissue get exposed and bacterial infection may occur. This is what causes toothache.

During a root canal procedure, the dentist administers a sedative to help you relax. This is followed by local anesthesia being injected on the decayed tooth. After the dentist ensures that the whole area is numb, they start the procedure. The dentist will gain access to the pulp cavity and remove all the infected and rotting tissue. This will leave an empty space, which the dentist will fill using sealant. This will be followed by getting a crown to cover the surface of the tooth, protect the sealant and make sure that the tooth does not suffer any further damage.

The benefits of a root canal process

There are many benefits that come from the root canal procedure. These include:

* The toothache problem is eliminated.

* The permanent tooth is preserved and protected from further damage.

* Potential tooth loss is averted.

* The unbecoming dark stains that form on a decayed tooth are covered up by the crown, hiding the flaw.

These are the things that you need to know about the process of getting a root canal. It is important to note that a toothache can sometimes be an indication of a far more serious medical problem. It is therefore important to have a dental check performed as soon as you start experiencing toothache. Go to website to learn more about the best places to get a root canal in Honolulu.


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