Advantages Of Plastic Cartridge Filter Housings In Water Filtration

The materials in every aspect of water filtration need to withstand constant usage. For this reason, plastic cartridge filter housings are one of the best choices for durability. Polypropylene plastic housings are an industry standard for heat resistance and chemical inertness, while at the same time being lightweight and able to hold its shape easily. It is one of the most sought-after thermoplastic polymers available and is used in everything from fabrics in your home to large commercial water tanks.

This is especially advantageous when being used in a home water filtration system. Filtration systems such as reverse osmosis systems which rely on high pressure to force water through semipermeable membranes are especially prone to component failure unless the system is manufactured to a high standard of quality. This includes the hosing for the filter, which will see movement of water at high pressure day in and day out.

Why Not Stainless Steel?

It is true that stainless steel is considered a nonreactive substance and is used in a variety of good from home cookware to chemical and industrial processing – even in food and agriculture processing. However, there are certain water conditions that can still cause stainless steel to corrode. Specifically, pitting corrosion can be precipitated by a high level of chlorides in the water. Choosing a high grade of stainless steel that is manufactured to resist this type of corrosion hazard can be expensive, as well as heavy and awkward to put into place. By choosing a plastic cartridge filter housing, you have all the properties you need in place for a durable filtration system.

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