Add A Touch Of Romance To Wedding Events With Sheer Drape

There is something that is so soft and romantic looking in artfully arranged sheer drape at a wedding. This material is extremely versatile and low cost, which makes it an ideal addition to any decorating scheme.

To get an idea of just a few of the uses of sheer drape for wedding decorating, both at the church as well as at the reception and photograph areas, consider the following options.

At Entrances

At the entrances to the church, to the hall or reception room or even to the hotel banquet area sheer drape can be used to add a splash of color and design to the doorways.

Simply attach two drapes of sheer material at the top of the doorway and then allow it to fall straight down. Use a ribbon or a clip to catch the material about halfway up and attach it to the wall or door frame to create a natural drape. You can also pull it back higher up and allow the fabric to fall down the sides of the door.

In the Church

Behind decorations on the ends of the pews, around the doorways and at the front of the church sheer drape adds a touch of color and design. Fresh flowers can be easily pushed through the fabric for a beautiful and easy decorations. Sequins or small decorations can be glued to the fabric as well and will add to the wedding theme.

The same design can be incorporated on the head table at the reception as well as on the gift and guest book tables.

On the Ceiling

Attaching sheer drape to the center point in the ceiling and then pulling it out to the walls and allowing it to drape slightly is a simple way to create a tent-like effect. By lighting being the sheer material, it will diffuse the lights and give a softer more romantic look.

You can alternate colored and white drape material or even hang decorations from the banners of the fabric for a beautiful effect with the lights on or off. Allowing the long ends of the fabric to drape down the walls is also a popular option.

The versatility of sheer drape also makes it a great option for adding to the look of decorative arches, backdrops for photos, or to frame the cake table with a themed background. Choose different colors or add decorations to bring out the colors of the wedding with all the design options.


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