AC Maintenance Tips for Alexandria LA Homeowners

When the brutal Louisiana sun beats down on your home in the summer, it gets hot, humid, and miserable. A well-maintained air conditioning system is efficient and keeps you and your family comfortable during the hottest times of the year. Here are some simple yet effective AC maintenance tips that most Alexandria LA homeowners can do.

Air Filters

You can usually replace an air filter in ten minutes or so. Here are tips to remember that make the job easier:

* Buy the right size replacement filter. Look at the old filter and write down the size.

* Follow the arrows on the filter and make sure that the arrow is pointing inward.

* Clean all around the filter housing to keep dust and debris out.

* Change the filter about once a month and leave yourself monthly reminders so that you won’t forget.

Condenser Coils

Your cooling system takes warm air from inside and exhausts it to the outdoors. If the condenser coils are dirty, the air conditioner can’t get rid of all the heat, and it builds up, making your cooling system work harder.

Once your outdoor coils get dirty, it reduces air conditioning efficiency. In fact, if you fail to do this routine AC maintenance regularly in Alexandria LA, your HVAC unit could stop cooling. Clean the coils with your garden hose, and you may need to use mild soapy water with a soft brush. Never use a wire brush because it may damage the coils.

Regular Cleanings

Call your AC maintenance pros in Alexandria LA about spring or fall tune-ups. Your cooling and heating specialist will clean your entire unit and check for signs of problems. This will keep your home cool and comfortable in summer and warm in winter, and you can avoid a lot of summertime cooling problems.


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