7 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Photo Booths Extra Special

Photos are one of the best ways to capture your special day. If you’re tying the knot and you want your guests to have fun, a well-designed spot or corner of the reception area could serve as a handy space for photographs. Here are unique photo booth backdrop ideas you may want to keep in mind.

Vintage VW bus

If you love retro, then use a vintage VW bus and turn that into a charming backdrop for your photos. Guests and fellow lovers of anything retro will appreciate this to bits, the Brit.Co says.

Sheer draping

There are plenty of draping materials you can use. Go with a panel of gauzy materials like voile. The airy, sheer fabric is perfect for adding a romantic and intimate touch to the photos.

Paper flowers

If you’re creative with your hands and can whip up paper flowers, then go with that backdrop. Pair it up with charming chairs, pillows, and a wall in a hue that contrasts wonderfully well with the paper flowers.

Barn doors

Dress these up in flowers and a bit of draping. That’s going to marry feminine and rustic vibes for a truly awe-inspiring photo booth backdrop.

Picture frames

What about a board or wall of picture frames? That’s a cute concept that you can use for your wedding photo booth. Your guests are sure to have fun with those frames as they duke it out for the perfect shot.

Manzanita branches

Go back to the gauzy panel of fabric. Add a few branches of Manzanita to the background. That’s going to create a fairy-tale-like vibe to your photos.


A string of lights paired up with sheer swags can create the perfect charming and laidback ambiance you want. These are just a few wonderful suggestions for your wedding photo booth. Enjoy thinking up of more for your special day.


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