6 Reasons to Call an Emergency Electrician in Louisville KY

Electrical problems can be difficult to deal with, particularly when they appear with no notice. While certain issues are obvious, in other cases, it can be hard to determine whether to call an Emergency Electrician Louisville KY.

Below are a few reasons homeowners often call for electrical service.

Circuits That Constantly Trip

Do the home’s lights flicker when appliances are used? Is it hard to run more than one device at a time? Problems like these may indicate that the home’s circuits are overloaded and drawing more current than they are capable of providing. An emergency electrician can upgrade the wiring and make problems like these a thing of the past.

Too Many Power Strips

Some homes don’t have enough electrical outlets, which leads the owner to use power strips to make up the shortfall. However, these strips can overload the electrical system and create a severe fire risk. Call Bates Electric Inc to install extra circuits and keep the home safe.

Running Too Many Extension Cords

Using extension cords creates problems for a variety of reasons. Not only are the cords easy to trip over, they can cause a shock hazard when not properly used. An Emergency Electrician Louisville KY can install outlets to supply power where it’s needed.

Switches Feel Warm

When switches feel hot or they give an electrical shock, they should be checked out right away. While it may simply mean that the home’s circuits are overworked, it could point to more dangerous problems.

Flickering Lights

If lights dim or flicker when the washer, AC unit or other electrical device is used, an electrician can help. With an in-depth assessment of the home’s circuits, an electrician can make improvements and prevent future problems.

Expensive Electronics

Many homes already have surge protectors for expensive computers and home theater systems. However, an electrician can install a surge protector that covers the entire home and all its electronics.

If a home’s electrical system is more than 25 years old, it may need an emergency upgrade. Call a local electrician for help with repairs and upgrades that meet today’s needs in a safe way.


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