Proper packaging solutions matter. If you’re having products shipped over to your customers, you’ll need to find packaging that can survive getting dropped or being subjected to vibration from a truck, undergoing temperature changes and experience compression without dealing any damage to the contents inside.

That’s where corrugated boxes come in. These boxes are strong and durable enough to withstand these shipping conditions. To get these, though, you’ll need to find the right manufacturer for your business. Here’s how.

Start with referrals

That can save your business tremendous time and stress. Referrals and word-of-mouth suggestions can steer you in the right direction with ease. If you don’t want to waste time looking in the wrong places, then reach out to people in your network and ask. This, along with thorough online research, will get you enough names for a decent shortlist.

Consider quality

Check out the samples. Read reviews online about the company and its products. How is the quality of the boxes? If there are a lot of complaints about the firm’s packaging products, then consider other options. However, if you find slews of high marks and praise from past clients, then that’s means you’ve got the right packaging provider in your sights.

Don’t buy cheap

Going for cheaper items is tempting. But you’re not saving on costs or doing yourself any favors. Poor packaging can create issues during transit. For long shipping boxes that get the job done and done right, you’ll want to get into business with a manufacturer that puts a premium on high-quality results and standards.

Don’t overstuff

When you use those long shipping boxes, make sure you don’t cram every available inch of space with items, The Balance says. This could lead to problems during delivery and transport. You’ll want to avoid that disaster by ensuring you don’t overcrowd the box.

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