3 Ways Poor Graphic Design is Killing Your Conversions and Sales

Poor site design isn’t just unpleasant. Here’s how it can be killing your e-commerce site as well:

Confusing value proposition

A clear value proposition is necessary for conversion and sales. However, if your page is riddled with too many design elements that make for a confusing and distracting experience, that’s going to bombard clients from all sides and make it difficult to get the results you want. Hiring a web marketing company that provides graphic design in Oklahoma is one way to clear up the clutter on your pages and set a clear value proposition so your customers know where to go or what the next step should be.

Bad product descriptions and design

Shopify says 82 percent of viewing time is spent on text and only about 18 percent on photos. That means ensuring your written content is fresh and relevant. If it’s not, then that’s going to affect site conversions and lead to high bounce rates. However, if your site pages look amateurish, that’s going to hurt your bottom line too. Hiring a firm for graphic design in Oklahoma is one way to resolve the problem. Content, no matter how good, is lost on your audience if they can’t focus on it because of crappy page design.

Non-mobile friendly content

The surge in mobile users and mobile consumption has taken the world of e-commerce into a completely different direction. These days, it’s now the norm for consumers to go online using their mobiles to shop, book tickets or pay for their bills. If your pages aren’t mobile friendly yet, then you’re turning away a huge market and that could be the number one reason why your conversions are at an all-time low. Want better results? Start improving your site with the help of a professional. Consult with a graphic design expert.


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