3 Types of Fashionable Folding Umbrellas

If you are hoping to entice customers with a durable and attractive folding umbrella, buying wholesale may be your best option. To maximize your chances of achieving excellent sales from your umbrella stock, consider investing in some of the following types of fun and pretty products.

Solid Color

What could be more classic and versatile than a simple, enduring solid color umbrella? You can buy wholesale umbrellas for your business in fresh, youthful, modern colors such hot pink, scarlet or orange. For variety, add some subdued, classic shades such as black or navy, which are likely to appeal to a wide variety of people from many walks of life.

Trendy Pattern

Your folding umbrella selection can contain upbeat and trendy patterns as well as the more straightforward solid colors. A fashion forward consumer may be drawn to prints such as large or small polka dots, which are highly popular at present. Animal prints such as leopard or zebra in fun and zany shades may also prove popular among your customers.

Stripes and Panels

For a simple, straightforward and traditional look that still carries a hint of variety, you could invest in umbrellas with simple stripes or panels in varying colors. Stripes or panels will generally allow for your customers to choose several favorite colors combined in one item. Perhaps you could offer umbrellas that are largely made up of one classic shade, such as white or black, with a simple contrast panel at the bottom to provide a pop of bright color.

Umbrellas to Tempt Your Customers

A good folding umbrella may be one of the common practical items seen in houses, cars and handbags all over the world. Umbrellas do not have to be bland or unappealing just because they are useful, however. If you are hoping to sell umbrellas, consider offering items that are available in lovely solid colors, trendy patterns and unique stripes and panels. For more details Visit Website.


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