3 Good Reasons to Call a Residential Roofing Company

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance


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Homeowners sometimes forget that the roofs on their houses need attention from time to time. It’s usually when the owner thinks something may be wrong that a call is placed to a roofer in Downers Grove. Do you wonder if it’s time to make that call? If any of the following apply, the answer is definitely yes.

The Roof is Overdue for an Inspection

When was the last time you had the roof inspected? Inspections every year or two are a great way to identify issues when they are still relatively minor. An inspection will also confirm if it’s time to apply a fresh coat of protectant to the shingles or if any other work needs to be done. As a result, your roof will provide more years of service.

You Think There May Be Storm Damage

Recent bad weather has left you wondering if the roof was damaged. From the ground, you don’t see anything that indicates there’s damage, but you never know. It really takes the experienced eye of a professional roofer in Downers Grove to detect small issues with the potential to become big problems. Have the roof checked now. If there is any damage, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the costs of the repairs.

It May Be Time for a New Roof

How long has the roof been in place? While most materials are designed to last for many years, it pays to know when the time is right for a replacement. One quick inspection is all a professional roofer in Downers Grove needs to determine if a little maintenance will ensure the roof is good to go for a few more years or if it’s time to think about a replacement.

Could your roof use some attention? The team at Showalter Roofing Services can help. Call today to arrange a service call and a free estimate. Whatever your roof needs, we have a solution.

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