How Do I Know When I Need a New Clutch?

Driving a standard transmission car is considered to be a handy skill which not only allows you to have better control of your car but you can also manage the fuel efficiency as well. A clutch is a very important part of your car’s gearbox. It enables the car to shift gears by controlling the spin of the flywheel and the engine. A faulty clutch will cause problems while shifting gears and make it difficult for you to drive the car. So let us look at some of the warning signs that you should look out for clutch repair and indicate that you need a new clutch pedal.

Smell of burning material

Who would have thought that your sense of smell would come in handy while identifying whether you need a new clutch or not? If you notice a burning smell while shifting gears, it could indicate that the clutch is slipping. The smell occurs due to the erosion of friction material in the clutch disc. This wear is caused due to natural circumstances and strongly indicate the replacement of your car’s clutch pedal. The burning smell can also occur if there is a difference in the speed at which the flywheel and the clutch disc spins. Apart from these symptoms, the clutch may also produce a rattling sound when not in use.

Clutch feeling too soft

Understanding when you need a clutch upgrade is easier that you think when you drive your car on a daily basis. If the clutch feels soft or spongy just when you shift gears then it is time to visit your local mechanic. This is also known as clutch slipping. The feeling is hard to miss when you are used to driving a standard transmission car. The clutch uses hydraulic fluid and its leakage might cause the pedal to be closer to the floor or become hard to press. In extreme circumstances, it might cause a complete loss of pressure which will force you to replace both the linkage system and the clutch plate.

Changing gears becomes rigid

A healthy gear box and clutch should enable you to shift gears smoothly without any jerking. When the clutch is worn out, shifting gears become less seamless, especially while moving the gear to reverse. It is also pretty apparent when you switch from the first gear while starting your car.

Damage while inspection

Identifying clutch damage can be very easy if you dare to look under your car’s bonnet. You can make the clutch visible by removing the cover of the bell housing. If you discover a fine black dust then it is time to replace your clutch.

Higher biting point

This is a sign that your clutch is increasingly damaged and is in need of immediate attention. When the clutch is damaged the biting point which enables you to shift gears changes. An increase in the biting point strongly indicated that your clutch is on its way out.

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